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June Album Of The Month: The Mind and Lumpy Records

St Louis, MO's Lumpy Records has been cataloging the discharge of western civilisation for a few years, most famously with the house band Lumpy & The Dumpers and their varied spin offs. Outsider music for the fixated, their latest crop has us in a gloopy tizz.
THE MIND: Open Up The Window And Leave Your Body.
Monorail album of the month for June.
RIFYL: Swell Maps, Post Punk, Royal Trux, Minimal Man
The Mind are a Cleveland, Ohio group who with their second album Open Up The Window And Leave Your Body have emphatically twisted punk and rock music into something like how an extra-terrestrial would play it when they made first contact. Our alien isn't devoid of feelings or empathy though, which is why The Mind's music to us earth creatures sounds like a psychedelically marinated mix of shoegaze, heart-weary jangle pop, industrial punk, No Wave.. kind of like every underground guitar-based music from 1969-1989 in one potent hit. The Mind isn't a senseless barrage of punk but a new way of doing punk.

M.A.Z.E.: II
RIFYL: Devo, Erase Errata, Deerhoof, Delta 5, Yummy Fur
Oh Maze, where have you been all our lives? Maze or M.A.Z.E. are a Japanese post-punk group that sound like *deep breath* tense af Devo covers by Erase Errata schooled by Delta 5 or Yummy Fur as listened to by Deerhoof through the speaker of a Fisherprice toy covered in the Glucose run-off from a day glo ice cream parlour that's abandoned only to leave all the ice cream and slushies to spill out onto a very hot, steaming Tokyo street. I'm not sure if the group are from Tokyo, should just put that in there. It's so much breakneck fun that it's over before it's begun, so you just have to throw that needle back to the start, right? Staccato rhythms that break out into hyper-fast 16-bar disco beats, blasts of power chord distorto-guitar that could be lifted from an early Buzzcocks 7" before being obliterated by some wild guitar choice or Eriko's jumpy, nervy vocal delivery that's half-spat, half sardonic a la The Plastics

See also: Cruelster, Q, The Wad