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Standing In The Shadows: North American Power Pop 1979-1983

We just got a shipment in from Meanbean Records of Canada. Having just spent the last day going through this stuff and am feeling jumped up, hyperactive on harmonies and tying my broken heart back together with skinny ties and American tears.
The Power Pop sub-genre might be misaligned by some, coming as it does right after the initial punk blast and in parallel with the New Wave, er, wave but we can't get enough. The tracks and bands compiled by Meanbean are impossibly rare or unreleased and contain the striving for love and acceptance of a cross section of American youth in 1979-1983. These are slices of taut, sad but effervescent guitar music shot through with the agony of teenagedom spilled over into early adulthood. If Numero's Yellow Pills was the Nuggets of Power Pop, this is the Pebbles.
We've got the last of three titles. A limited 7" reissue of The Blue Macs impossibly rare promo EP - all wobbly 3 (?) part harmonies and tight-ass playing and Central Departure's suburban summer heat Rock n Roll DJ which is to die for. Both 7"s are 350 only but the LP Standing In The Shadows is the big boy, a volume 1 of lost power pop from 1979-1983, at least 4 unreleased tracks, a treasure trove full of sugar and itchy, melodic despair seen through the eyes of the doomed yoof of the early 80s.LOVE IT.--