Covid-19 update

Monorail Music is now open Mon-Sat 11am-7pm and on Sunday 12-7pm. We're continuing to follow social distancing rules in accordance with government guidelines. Please continue to wear a face covering where possible.

Thanks for all your support!

Record Store Day Drop 1

Before we open the doors every Record Store Day we usually have a group photograph around 8:50am. Many of us aren't used to being up at that time so the look is often... bleary at best. This is from 2018 or 2017, judging by Dep's son Bill's age. This photo is for the algorithm and is to illustrate how friendly we are, specially when you've been queuing since the evening before.

Record Store Day 2021 is taking part over two Drops. Drop 1 is this Saturday 12th June, Drop 2 is July 17th. Monorail is open from 9am - 5pm on Record Store Day, we'll be taking your lists from 8am, meaning we can prepare your order in advance to ensure quick transactions.  If you head to our bio you'll find both a XL spreadsheet you can download and print out to browse and an online link to browse our stock online. All items are sold on a 1 per customer and first come first serve basis. We highly recommend you give us lists of your desired records rather than handing us devices (scrambling around trying to unlock screens isn't a good look).

All of our stock is on sale at 9am and any stock we have remaining at 6pm will go on sale online the same day, June 12th. Sadly we aren't able to  put an event on as we usually do due to you know what, but Mono will be open at 11am for your socially distanced pints, food, chats, all that. We're really looking forward to seeing you! Please continue to wear face coverings, observe social distancing and let's all have as good a time as we can.