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Burial / Blackdown

Shock Power Of Love


Released: 30th April 2021

Surprise new heat from Burial and Blackdown.
12" EP, limited quantities
TRACKLIST: 1. Blackdown – This Journey VIP, 2. Burial – Dark Gethsemane, 3. Heatmap – Arklight (Blackdown Remix), 4. Burial – Space Cadet

The hype and hyperbole that surrounds pioneer Burial and everything he does can feel feverpitch at times but boy is it merited. I can't think of many other artists who could get away with being so clandestine and media shy in these times of hyper individualisation and social media but Burial does it because he's just so good. This shock new 12" is a collaboration and all 4 of the tracks are brilliant. Blackdown's This Journey has a dark cyberdub, UK Funky backbeat with broken kick drums and those big digital basslines cutting through, while Burial's first track carries on that ghostly, ecstatic UK Garage vibe he's been rocking the last wee while before morphing into a truly massive, end of the night, absolutley fleeing chorus about the power of love, it's genuinely stirring I gotta say.Blackdown's rerub of Heatmap is a club work out banger, deconstructed but not *too* much, before the 170 BPM (I'm guessing here) track Space Cadet has that beautiful Burial warped emo vocal that he invented for all those EDM producers to steal and make stadium sized. He's just doing his thing though, with his warm crackles (I've always wondered if he's just hitting the "vinyl crackle" preset on his sampler and then I've followed it up with wondering whether it matters) and reverb soaked transcendence. It also feels like this track is at least 3 song ideas mashed up together and it doesn't matter one more. This 12" is making me really miss being in a big dark space where you can't really see anyone but you know they're there and everyone's full of love. Until it's about 6am and then you're just waiting for the offie to open. But alas, that's really got nothing to do with this 12" anymore. Buy it.