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JD Twitch

Use The Word: The Word Is Love


Released: 15th October 2021

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LTD Cassette with Risograph obi
It is called “The Word Is Love (Women Of The World)” and is not what had been planned for this tape. This was originally going to be some sort of Post Punk mix and indeed a few fragments of that remain, but then clubs opened here and at my first gig back DJing I got a breakthrough case of Covid. I guess it was quite mild but it was still very unpleasant and I didn’t move very much for a week. Then literally from one second to the next I was completely better. No lingering effects.

While I was ill I only wanted to listen to songs sung by women. I don’t know why. It really helped me get through it and soothed me greatly though. It’s a shame Donald Trump didn’t discover this “cure” too and start recommending to his followers that they listen to Nina Simone.

Anyway, I ended up making this very long playlist of songs and I listened to it over, and over, and over again. It truly helped. This tape is a selection of some of those songs from around the world and across the last 75 years. They all feel like very dear friends.

I have decided all profits from this tape will go to Women For Women - - who help women survivors of war rebuild their lives. They are currently active in Afghanistan where the situation for women is of course grim.

Tape 9 is coming together. Working title is “Let There Be Drums”.